“Our logistics real estate facilities are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize energy efficiency.” — Prologis1




San Francisco, California

Market Cap

USD $34.3 billion

Company History

Incorporated in 1983
REIT in 2004


3,282 around the globe

Green Building Certifications

233 sustainable buildings across
87 million sq. ft.
in 16 countries
(as of December 31, 2016)

Total Sq. Ft.

684 Million sq. ft.


(as of December 31, 2016)



*Data as of December 31, 2017, unless otherwise stated. Available in the Prologis 2016 Sustainability Report.

prologis narashino japan
Prologis’s Multi-Story Warehouse in Narashino, Japan. Source: Prologis, Inc. www.prologis.com

Recent Awards

Dow Jones logo

Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America 2017


Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark 2017 Green Star

NAREIT Leader in the Light Award For Lodging/Resorts

Who is Prologis, Inc.?

Have you ever placed an order online through Amazon? There’s a good chance that your delivery came from a Prologis warehouse. Prologis owns logistics real estate facilities across the globe that they rent to companies that need to transport goods. Prologis’s customers include brands you may be familiar with: Amazon, FedEx, UPS, Walmart, and Best Buy. Prologis customizes the warehouse space to its tenant’s requirements. For Amazon, that means installing robotic storage solutions for quick order fulfillment. For Procter & Gamble, Prologis worked with the local authorities to build access roads to the facility. The company adds value in the logistics supply chain by enabling their customers to receive, store and deliver goods more efficiently. Supporting long-term trends in urbanization, consumption and e-commerce, Prologis locates buildings near metropolitan areas to minimize the distances people and goods must travel.

Sustainability Initiatives

Prologis strives to build warehouses to achieve local green building certifications to deliver best-in-class projects. Prologis is a leader in roof-top solar installations. At the end 2016, Prologis was ranked third in total solar energy generation capacity in the US, behind only Target and Walmart.3Prologis roof-top solar currently generates 165 Megawatts which is enough to power 24,484 homes for a year.4


Skylights– Reduce electricity usage for lighting

Cool Roofs– Reflect sunlight to lower AC needs

Solar Panels– Turn underutilized rooftops into source of clean energy

Local Building Materials– 20-30% are regionally sourced for most new projects

Recycling– Built areas for collection and storage

LED Lighting– Interior and exterior installations

Water Reduction– Xeriscaping and drought-tolerant plants

Electric Car (EV) Charging Stations

Looking Forward:6

Goal 1:
100% of new development designed with a goal of certification where recognized sustainability rating systems are available

Goal 2:
100% energy-efficient lighting across portfolio

Goal 3:
200 Megawatts of solar in portfolio by 2020

Property Spotlight

Georgetown Crossroads is a LEED Gold Certified building in downtown Seattle and one of the first multistory warehouses in the US. Prologis’s development of multistory warehouses in downtown areas demonstrates a commitment to urbanism, a key measurement of sustainability. Building warehouse storage and office facilities near densely populated areas reduces sprawl, keeps jobs local, and enables the use of public transport. It also allows companies like Amazon to innovate transportation choices for ‘the last mile’. The last mile of the delivery is often the most difficult because of traffic congestion, parking issues, and greater sensitivity to noise and pollution. With the trend of customers demanding more frequent deliveries in shorter timeframes, companies prefer closer warehouses, so they can make shorter trips, using smaller, even electric, vehicles. This reduces fuel consumption and improves air quality. It also allows for on-demand-delivery jobbing, creating even more local employment.

Prologis (2017) “Serious About Sustainable Development” Available at: https://www.prologis.com/industrial-development-capabilities/capital-deployment/sustainable-development.
Prologis, Inc. is 4.89% of the Vert Global Sustainable Real Estate Fund (VGSRX) as of December 31, 2017.
Solar Energy Industries Association (2016) “Solar Means Business: Tracking Solar Adoption by America’s Top Companies”. Available at: https://www.seia.org/research-resources/solar-means-business-2016.
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Please refer to the Prospectus for full risk disclosures. All data as of December 31, 2017 and subject to change daily.

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