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VGSRX Converted to an ETF

We are pleased to announce  the mutual fund is now an ETF.

The reorganization took place on Monday December 4th, 2023. Investors in the mutual fund had their shares exchanged for shares of equal value in the ETF. 

In the recorded webinar (to the left), Vert and Andres Torres from Dimensional explain the mutual fund’s conversion to an ETF:

  • Why Vert is converting the Fund to an ETF.
  • What will remain the same, and what will change.
  • How Dimensional’s patient and flexible trading strategy works in ETFs.
why real estate?

Why Real Estate?

Real estate is a big part of the sustainability challenge.

“The construction and operations of buildings account for:

  • 40% of global energy use,
  • 30% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions,
  • 12% of water use,
  • 40% of waste,
  • and employs 10% of the global workforce.” 

– United Nations Environmental Programme (2015)

Fortunately, solutions abound, and the real estate sector is an area of great opportunity. Innovative real estate companies are increasing the value of their buildings by making them healthier, more efficient, and more profitable.

Why the Vert Global Sustainable Real Estate ETF?

We designed the ETF to make it easy for investors to move their money toward sustainability. The Fund offers:

  • Consistent exposure to the most sustainable real estate companies
  • Evidence based Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria
  • Broad diversification across countries and property sectors
  • Active shareholder engagement
  • Fund expense ratio is 0.45%*

Now strategic investors can invest their public real estate allocation in an authentically sustainable manner.

*The gross expense ratio is 0.62%. The adviser has contractually agreed to waive fees through 12/4/2026. The net expense ratio is applicable to investors.

Looking for a definitive go-to resource for sustainable investing?

Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing is a practical guide to investing for sustainability.

Sam Adams, CEO of Vert Asset Management, and co-author Larry Swedroe help investors wade through the web of confusing acronyms, conflicting ratings, and mass of fund offerings to identify solutions and avoid corporate greenwashing. The authors provide a comprehensive review of the academic research on the performance and the impact of sustainable investing.

Unique Investment Philosophy

We believe there is economic value in sustainability.

We maintain that companies focused on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits will be better positioned for the risks and opportunities of the future than those focused on profits alone.

We believe in a long term perspective. Companies that look further out than the quarterly reporting cycle can invest in more projects that build value for the firm over time.

We believe that markets work well, and price available information. More information, including environmental, social, and governance factors, can make markets work better.

We build portfolios of companies that use sustainability to drive value, take a long term perspective and are open and transparent.


Sustainability in
Real Estate

May 24, 2023
Discover what is driving success in the sustainable transition. Learn what the leaders in real estate industry are doing to advance sustainability.

We cover these issues, and how to share them with clients:

  • Which ESG issues are measurable, material, and make a difference?
  • The rapid development and adoption of ESG in the built environment.
  • What factors are driving the sustainable transition.
  • Stories of success for different types of real estate.

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